Managing Director

Rizwana Khan (popularly known as “RK“) is the creative force behind the fashion house – The RK Closet — a brand that has over the years cemented a place amongst Qatar’s leading Fashion Couture Houses.
Originally from Bombay (India) when Rizwana Khan came to Qatar in 2012, she was aware about the unexplored segments of ethnic Asian fashion. She wanted to challenge the status quo and bring energy and vitality to the almost non-existent, unorganized Pakistani designer retail market. And that is exactly what she did.
One of the well known personality in Qatar’s industry, Rizwana Khan, the owner and Managing Director, remains committed to bringing the very best to her clients without fail. She says, “I have been given tremendous love and support by everybody but my vision goes far beyond that. I regard myself as an entrepreneur as someone who’s artistic ability can be portrayed in everything that I do. Fashion is a medium that can speak volumes, bridge the gap between cultures, allows human expression like nothing else can. I am lucky enough to be in love with my work, and I intend to use that privilege to the fullest”. The entrepreneur admits that amongst all of her muses, her both daughters remains the most important.
Today, The RK Closet is Qatar’s most diverse designer fashion house with 180+ brands including prêt a porter, couture, formal wear, lawn, embroidered fabrics, linen and cottons all within affordable prices while boasting an extensive retail network within Qatar and expanding to export to international destinations including India, UK, Canada, USA, Bangladesh, UAE and Sri Lanka.